About VBBC
Vermont has a very rich and storied deer hunting tradition. Hunters of this state understand that nothing comes easy and to be successful requires determination and skills that aren't practiced in many places.

Vermonters have an intense appreciation for any deer which they are fortunate enough to harvest. And yet, amongst the many years of hunting lore, legend and tradition, a standard has been well established which recognizes the biggest bucks of the land as being those which tip the scales at over 200 pounds. Larry Benoit often expressed this belief and probably helped to define it more than any other individual.

Now there is a patch that honors those Vermont hunters who have been  fortunate enough to  bag a 200 pound buck and join the club.

Club Rules:
1. Open to anyone, Vermont resident or non-resident, who legally hunted in Vermont.
2. Only whitetail deer harvested in Vermont under fair chase conditions qualify.
3. Minimun  clean dressed* weight of 200 pounds.**
4. Only bucks shot by the applicant himself/ herself will qualify.

*VBBC understands that not all hunters go to the weigh station with the thought of entering their bucks into a club that requires the buck to be clean dressed. The heart and liver are good eating and many hunters leave them in until they get home. According to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife the average weight of the organs in a 200 pound deer are as follows; heart 2.2 lbs., liver 5.9 lbs., lungs 3.2 lbs..  If your buck wasn't cleaned dressed you can still qualify for entry into the club. The deer must have been properly field dressed and then meet the following weight requirements; if just the heart was left in then the deer must weigh at least 202 lbs., if the heart and liver were left in then the deer must weigh at least 208 lbs., if the heart, liver and lungs were left in then the deer must weigh at least 211 pounds.

**Measured at a Vermont big game reporting station

Mail the application, photo of you with your buck and $8.95* to:
Vermont Biggest Bucks Club
3884 Laporte Rd.
Morristown, Vermont 05661

A shoulder patch will be awarded to all qualifying members.
VBBC understands that hunters usually have more than one jacket...only 1 extra patch may be purchased at the time of application for an additional $8.95.

(*Make check or money order payable to:  Jeremy Martin)

Also...If you would be willing to share the story of how you got your buck we would love to hear it....just attach it to your application...write it in an e-mail or share it on the facebook site!




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